Comfortable upholstered bed. The bed frame is made of birch plywood. Eco-friendly polyurethane foam is used in the head of the bed and the lower base. The base of the bed is supplied with plywood slats. Such base ensures good ventilation and allows using double-sided mattresses. All the bed designs get developed individually, taking into consideration Your wishes.
Manufacturer: INTEMA
  • cover - artificial leather / fabrics,
  • frame:
    • multi-layer plywood,
  • softening filler:
    • flexible polyurethane foam,
    • synthepone.

   Included in the price:

  • Lenght: +10-15 cm to the mattress width
  • Width: + 8 cm to the mattress width
  • Headboard heigth: 105 cm
  • Headboard: straight or curved
  • Height of the base: 25-30 cm
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